Pre-Lodgement Services

If you need to lodge a development application (DA), we can provide guidance on your proposed development. You can access general advice by speaking with our Duty Officer or request detailed advice via out Pre-Development Application services. 

Duty Service

City of Newcastle (CN) provides a free development and building advisory service by our Duty Officer, either over the phone or in person at our City Administration Centre.

Appointments with our Duty Officer are available in 20-minute allotments to assist you with general advice about preparing a development application.

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Pre-Development Application (Pre-DA) Service

At CN, we understand the importance of a smooth and efficient development process. That's why we offer a range of Pre-DA services designed to provide you with detailed advice and to streamline your development application experience.

While our Pre-DA service has traditionally been associated with medium and large developments, we recognise that complexity knows no bounds. Even for dwelling house developments, especially those impacted by factors such as views, non-compliance to controls, or heritage considerations, the Pre-DA service can be instrumental in navigating potential challenges effectively, for this reason we provide a range of options for customers. In all cases, CN will provide written advice in response to the Pre-DA service request, however applicants have the option of opting for the written advice only or requesting a meeting with CN staff. These services are provided for a fee which is based on the type, and estimated cost, of the proposed development.

Time is of the essence in the development world, and we value yours. Our commitment is to complete the Pre-DA assessment within 21 days. This expedited process not only provides you with timely feedback but also contributes to quicker processing times for your subsequent DA.

Applications without a Pre-DA may experience prolonged processing times and limited opportunities for additional information submission before determination. Choosing the Pre-DA route offers you a proactive approach, allowing you to address potential concerns early in the process and facilitating a smoother journey towards approval.

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Information to Consider Prior to Lodging your DA

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