Lost and Found


If we find a stray animal, our first priority is to return it to its owner, which is why identification is so important.

Ensure that all your details are up to date, by creating an account and claiming your cat or dog on the NSW Pet Registry.

If we can't identify an animal or contact their owner, they are transferred to City of Newcastle Animal Facility and posted on our Lost Pets in Ranger Care page. Animals looking to be rescued are also posted on this page.

Lost pets

Visit our Lost Pets in Ranger Care webpage to check if your pet has been found. If your pet is not listed:

Report your lost pet

We will contact you if an animal matching the description is found.

We also recommend you:

  • Change the status of your pet to 'missing' and check your contact details are correct on the NSW Pet Registry
  • Keep an eye on local community and lost pet pages

Found pets


If you find a dog within a City of Newcastle suburb that appears to be lost:

Report a stray dog

A ranger will contact you to coordinate a drop-off time, to ensure we are available at our Animal Facility, located at 75 Elizabeth Street, Tighes Hill. We are typically staffed from 8am to 11am and 2pm to 4pm daily.

You can also:

  • Check the collar or tag to contact the owner
  • Ask an animal holding facility, such as a vet, to scan for a microchip
  • Post on local community and lost pet pages, noting which animal holding facility the pet is located


Cats are allowed to roam and cannot be taken from a public place, unless they are in a food preparation or wildlife protection area.

If the cat is injured, sick or there are welfare concerns, contact RSPCA NSW or your local vet.

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