Newcastle After Dark Strategy


Newcastle After Dark is Newcastle's first specific strategy for guiding the development of the city's night-time economy. Adopted in 2018, this document is a strategy that outlines key priorities and actions to be delivered by Council in its commitment to leading the development of a creative, safe and vibrant nightlife that contributes significantly to the cultural and economic revitalisation of Newcastle.

Our Principles

  • Safe - A safe city at night is one in which people are confident they will not experience threat or harm
  • Diverse - A diverse night-time city has a wide range of options and offerings available
  • Inclusive - An inclusive city after dark welcomes and enables all kinds of people to participate
  • Vibrant - A vibrant night time city is renowned for a lively and energetic atmosphere or ambience
  • Creative - A creative Newcastle at night is a source of innovation and cultural production enhancing city life

Strategic Priorities

  1. Strategic Alcohol Management - To prevent and mitigate the harmful and anti-social impacts of irresponsible supply and consumption of alcohol
  2. Night-time Economic Development - To encourage and enable a sustainable, safe and diverse night-time economy
  3. Night-time Design - To design, implement and maintain safe, attractive and engaging public night-time spaces
  4. Cultural Participation and Activation - To enable and support the city after dark as a site of diverse participation in cultural production and consumption
  5. Regulation Planning and Licensing - To establish and promote a policy and planning framework that enables and supports the Newcastle After Dark vision
  6. Research and Evaluation - To implement research and evaluation programs for guiding innovation and monitoring outcomes