Grants and Projects

Grants and Projects on City of Newcastle (CN) Land

With a number of external grants annually available to Clubs/Local Sporting Organisations, the below Approval Process identifies the steps required when making grant applications. This process will apply to all projects funded by organisations, with or without financial support via grants.

Step 1: CN requests Clubs/Local Sporting Organisations to provide a Project Plan (a list of proposed projects) to be undertaken in the 2024 calendar year (club or grant funded). CN will advise applicant if a site visit is required to discuss project(s).

Step 2: If proposed project meets CN's Strategic Sports Plan recommendations and CN supports in principle, CN will issue Community Infrastructure Project Proposal (CIPP) Application Form. A CIPP Application Form will be required for each individual project.

Step 3: Applicant to send completed CIPP and supporting documentation to CN Sports Team at This may include:

  1. Predesign and project scope (site feasibilities and master planning).

  2. Schematic (concept) design, ie. preparation of sketch drawings and diagrams and other information to adequately explain the concept.

  3. Design development (detailed design).

  4. Quotes or for larger projects, Quantity surveyor/ construction cost estimates in line with CN's Procurement Policy.

Step 4: CN review CIPP and request further information if required, otherwise provide recommendations to Sports Infrastructure Working Party (SIWP) for review.

Step 5: Sports Infrastructure Working Party (SIWP) reviews application, considers recommendations and either provides in principle support to apply for future grant funding or, if not approved, CN will advise in writing.

Step 6: CN or Club/Local Sporting Organisation identifies external grant opportunity relating to approved infrastructure project on CN Land. Club/Local Sporting Organisation to advise CN if they are applying for grant funding and requesting Landowner Consent.

Step 7: If proposal meets criteria, CN will provide applicant with Landowner Consent Letter to support grant application.

Step 8: Club/Local Sporting Organisation to supply CN copy of grant application and all supporting documentation.

Step 9: Club/Local Sporting Organisation to advise CN of grant application outcome by email

To ensure your proposal is eligible for assessment please adhere to the Approval Process, complete all sections of the CIPP Form (including the checklist located on the final page) and submit all required supporting documentation.

If the Approval Process is not ahered to and within the required timeframes, the decision whether to assess proposed works will be at the discretion of CN.

Please contact our Sports Team at parks& for further information.