West End

Stage One - Public Domain Plan

The West End will become the centre of our city’s future business district.

Plans include:

  • Developing Birdwood Park as the place for civic and cultural events with a pedestrian plaza, open green spaces and café or public amenities.
  • Expanding Little Birdwood Park to better integrate with Marketown Shopping Centre.
  • New pavements and a green streetscape ideal for small scale markets and festivals for Parry Street west of National Park Street.
  • Renewal of National Park Street.

Stage Two - Streetscape Plan

Creating a safe, accessible precinct around the Newcastle Interchange where vibrant streetscapes will facilitate greater use of active transport.

Features include traffic upgrades, separated cycleways, new green spaces and public plazas, installation of ‘rain gardens’ to protect our rivers and creeks, and an extensive tree and groundcover planting plan to reduce the ‘urban heat island’ effect.

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