Upgrade Your Kerbside Bin Service

Please note: the information below is for rated residential properties that already have a kerbside waste service with City of Newcastle.

If your bins regularly overflow by collection day, we offer a range of additional waste services on a fee-for-service basis. You can request bigger bins, extra bins or more frequent servicing of your bins.

All pricing shown below is for 2023/24 and is subject to annual change.

Additional Waste Service Options

You can upsize your:

  • standard 240-litre recycling (yellow lid) bin to a 360-litre bin for a one-off fee of $31. That's 50% more bin space, with no ongoing payments.
  • standard 140-litre general waste (red lid) bin to a 240-litre bin for $320.25 (annual charge).

To help reduce waste sent to landfill, additional recycling and garden organics bins are offered at lower prices than general waste (garbage) bins.

The 2023/24 annual charges for each additional bin are as follows:

  • Standard 240-litre recycling (yellow lid) bin: $119.25.
  • Upsized 360-litre recycling (yellow lid) bin: $142.60.
  • Standard 240-litre garden organics (green lid) bin: $121.70.

You can request additional red lid bins, or arrange to have them serviced more than once a week.

Collection days Number of services
per week

2023/24 charge per
140-litre bin

2023/24 charge per
240-litre bin

Monday to Friday 1 to 4 $630.00 $777.00
Monday to Friday 5 to 8 $609.00 $750.75
Monday to Friday 9 and over $582.75 $729.75
Saturday and Sunday 1 or more $708.75 $966.00

The annual fees above are for each additional bin service per week. For example, two 140-litre bins collected twice weekly equals four services (i.e. 2 bins x $630 x 2 services = $2,520 p.a.), as does a single 140-litre bin collected four times per week (i.e. 1 bin x $630  x 4 services = $2,520 p.a.).

Applications and Amendments

Please complete our Waste Service Upgrade form.

Please note: If there is no existing waste service at your property, such as at a brand new home, you will need to apply for a New Kerbside Waste Service.

Before requesting additional waste services, please choose carefully. Fees apply to all account cancellations and amendments (see below).

Please complete our Amendments and Cancellations form.

Fees apply in accordance with our adopted fees and charges as follows:

  • Account cancellation (Additional service cancelled/bin(s) removed – no waste account retained at the property): $78.75.
  • Account change of service (Amendment to additional service – Waste account retained at the property): $33.60.

If your contact information has changed, or to notify us of a change of property ownership, please complete our Update Account Details form.